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NSDR | Yoga Nidra | Hypagogia

Wake up
with more energy and unleash your creative genius. 

Download the CreativeREST App and start mastering your sleep today!

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About CR

Revolutionize Your Wellbeing

About CreativeREST

CreativeREST is an app that is dedicated to helping you master your sleep, not only to improve your sleep health for more energy and vitality but also to experience the transformative power of using sleep as a tool to connect to your subconscious and enhance creative thinking. Using scientifically researched and expertly curated meditations in NSDR (Non-Sleep-Deep-Rest or Yoga Nidra) CreativeREST is designed to set you on the path to a more energised lifestyle and introduce you to the world of sacred sleep practices such as Hypnagogia, Lucid Dreaming, and more.

Download CreativeREST now to start your journey towards a healthier and more connected you.

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Optimise Both Your Waking & Dreaming Life

Science Backed Techniques

Grounded in the lastest research on sleep and cognitive function, CreativeREST offers practices proven to enhance quality of deep sleep, attention, learning, memory, and other cognitive functions.

Heal Your Body

NSDR (Yoga Nidra) trains the body to find it's natural state of equilibrium, restore the nervous system, balance your hormones, and relieve physical tension.

Master Your Mind

Over-thinkers rejoice! NSDR (Yoga Nidra) enhances neuroplasticity and paves new pathways that help you to subconsciously relax, reduce mental clutter, and induce a sense of peace.

Strengthen Your Intuition

Tap into the silent whispers of your intuition and the stories etched into your subconscious. Develop unwavering confidence in your intuition and inner knowing.

Personal Growth:

With each practice, engage in a  dialogue with your subconscious and allow yourself to experience profound healing, where every moment of rest is a step toward realising your deepest desires.



Sleep is Sacred

The first key to unlocking your boundless creativity is building a healthy and easy sleep and rest routine that becomes the part of your day you look forward to. Imagine sleep not just as a mere necessity but as a sacred ritual. This is where your journey begins, not in the pursuit of sleep alone, but in cultivating a haven where restorative peace rejuvenates you, setting the stage for profound growth and emotional wellbeing.

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Catalyst for Creativity

In the silence of rest, creativity finds its strongest voice. CreativeREST teaches that true innovation and insight don't always emerge from constant activity but from meaningful pauses. Rest isn't just a break; it's the fertile ground from which new ideas grow. By embracing periods of rest, you give yourself the space to connect with your inner creative spirit. CreativeREST guides you to harness these moments, transforming rest into a source of inspiration and insight. This approach illuminates a path where every moment of calm is an opportunity to discover and create, proving that when we stop and truly rest, our creativity soars.

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Your Personalized Sleep Experience

Your Best Sleep Ever:

Mini Course

Quality sleep is essential to overall wellbeing.  For 15 minutes a day, for just 2 weeks, "Your Best Sleep Ever" features practical tools and techniques proven to improve your sleep, cognitive function, and overall health. 


(Yoga Nidra Library)

This is your secret sauce! Discover the transformative power of Non-Sleep-Deep-Rest (NSDR/ Yoga Nidra). Our library provides a range of tracks that cater to different needs and schedules. From 15-minute afternoon reboots to 8-hour tracks for insomnia, we have everything you need to improve your mental and physical health.

Community Boards

Our vibrant community discuss all things weird and wonderful about sleep, NSDR / Yoga Nidra, dream states and dream meanings. We believe that mastering sleep is not only a personal journey, but it's also an opportunity to connect with others and build a community that supports each other's wellbeing and growth.

Personal Tracking Journal

Our Personal Tracking Journal is designed to help you keep track of your NSDR / Yoga Nidra meditations and your progress. With our simple and user-friendly interface, you can easily see your progress, understand your habits, and gain insights into your meditation practice. 


Our bonus content is designed to add an extra layer of depth to your practice and help you fully connect with yourself. Including an Ambient Sound Library with white noise and binaural beats, a Creative Exercise library for authentic connection to your creative world, and Breathwork for big breakthrough moments. 


What Our Users Are Saying

“I've struggled with sleep for years, but CreativeREST has been a game changer. The guided meditations are so relaxing and have helped me fall asleep faster than ever before.”

Samantha R.

“As someone who travels frequently for work, CreativeREST has been a lifesaver. I love that I can access my  guided meditations from anywhere in the world.”

Michael B.

“I've tried so many sleep apps in the past, but CreativeREST is by far the best. I love Monique's voice and the guided meditations have helped me achieve a level of restful sleep that I never thought was possible.”

Lila K.


About The Founder

Hi I'm Monique de Lacy

I am a person living with Narcolepsy, a rare sleep disorder, and as such, my life has been dedicated to optimising my sleep health, learning to prioritise rest, and being a catalyst for opening up discussions surrounding the unique (and sometimes mystical) experiences many of you encounter during or around sleep. 

Knowing how intrinsically valuable sleep health and mastering sleep practices can be for physical health, cognitive function, creative insight, and strengthening intuition, I created CreativeREST as a virtual retreat space where you can unwind and learn how to master your states of consciousness in order for you to start using your sleep as a tool for positive transformation and growth.

Either through the CreativeREST app or in-person workshops, I also collaborate with leaders & visionaries in their prospective fields, offering high-quality creativity workshops and restorative experiences at retreats or events, taking guests on a journey of self-discovery and leaving them feeling recharged, clear and inspired.

Monique delacy founder CreativeREST App for Hypnagogia and NSDR

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Full Library Access, Courses, Exclusive Communities, Progress Tracking, Bonus+

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Take the FREE quiz to find out whether you are a Lion, Bear, Wolf, or Dolphin Archetype, and start living in harmony with your natural sleep rhythm.

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